Welcome to the Future

The Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub is a premier health care advancement and commercialization program that connects all the pieces of the health care continuum to validate, accelerate and realize ideas. Our mission - realize improvements in health outcomes, increase access to quality care, lower overall costs to the system and improve health care provider experiences in Georgia and across the nation.

We are realizing innovation by:


HELPING patients



“Our shared commitment to patients helps them live healthier lives.”

- Scott D. Boden, M.D.|  VP, Business Innovation, Emory Healthcare


It Began…

With identifying an acute need to develop, validate and ensure commitment to large-scale change in health care through innovation.

Though the need for innovation in health care exists, it is clear that no single actor in the industry can make the changes we need in health outcomes or lower the total cost of care alone. We need the expertise of industry players to build and develop solutions that fit into the end-users workflow and truly create value, whether that be for the patient or the provider.

Understanding that Emory’s full-spectrum health care delivery system with some of the most enterprising faculty in the world is not enough to both innovate and distribute successful innovations globally. We need to find a mechanism to join forces with the world’s largest multi-national companies committed to driving positive health outcomes—and that’s what we set out to do! So…we developed the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub to create those linkages and build an ecosystem that can speed up the development and validation of innovations in health and health care delivery.

Cerner, Konica Minolta Healthcare, Novo Nordisk, Philips, Sharecare and Stryker are partners in the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub ecosystem. Together, we will work on the most pressing health and health care challenges and find ways to create long-term sustaining change…Stay tuned.


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